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Table 4 Phase 3 Transitions

From: Spatial quorum sensing modelling using coloured hybrid Petri nets and simulative model checking

Transition Name Biological action
BasalProduceLsrABCD Basal production of LsrABCD proteins
BasalProduceLsrK Basal production of LsrK protein
BasalProduceLsrR Basal production of LsrR protein
Biofilmformation_AI2 Biofilm formation via AI_2
Biofilmformation_LsrR Biofilm formation via LsrR
close Closure of AI2 import control system
derepress Derepression of lsr genes
inflow Inflow of diffused AI2
LsrABCD_deg Degradation of LsrABCD complex
LsrK_deg LsrK degradation
LsrR_AI2_P_deg LsrR_AI2_P degradation
LsrR_deg LsrR degradation
open Opening of AI2 import control system
Phosphorylation AI_2 Phosphorylation
repress Repression of lsr genes
TranscribeTranslate Trascription and translation of lsr genes
Transport_in Importation of AI_2 into the cell