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Table 7 Total values of AI2_Out and Biofilm, for the 21x21 colony

From: Spatial quorum sensing modelling using coloured hybrid Petri nets and simulative model checking

Colony AI2_Out Biofilm
(i) R0 13,374.49 0.68
(ii) R2 308,478.60 55,468.61
(iii) R5 326,647.00 637.79
(iv) R7 341,143.57 35.14
  1. (i) a single bacterium, (ii) a compact (non-sparse) colony of 25 bacteria in a 5x5 square, and sparse colonies with (iii) 24 bacteria regularly positioned in a 11x11 square, and 25 bacteria regularly positioned in a (iv) 15x15 square