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Table 2 The significance levels suggested by BH, repfdr and repLIS

From: Replicability analysis in genome-wide association studies via Cartesian hidden Markov models

Sequence States Maximum repfdr repLIS BH repfdr repLIS
   p-values values values procedure procedure procedure
1027 1.94e-1 5.48e-1 1.67e-1
1028 4.19e-3 4.59e-2 8.78e-3
1029 3.95e-2 2.28e-1 5.80e-2
1030 1.13e-1 3.79e-1 8.89e-2
1031 3.51e-3 2.88e-2 1.89e-2
7305 1.47e-3 2.21e-2 3.48e-3
7306 1.85e-2 2.16e-1 4.34e-2
7307 4.56e-2 2.07e-1 5.88e-2
7308 1.10e-1 3.73e-1 9.81e-2
7309 3.01e-2 3.35e-1 6.96e-2
7310 3.04e-4 8.18e-3 1.04e-2
  1. ’ denotes a null hypothesis or an acceptance and ’ ∙’ denotes a non-null hypothesis or a rejection. By exploiting the dependence information among adjacent SNPs, repLIS procedure tends to select disease-associated SNPs in clusters