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Table 2 Data sources. Accession numbers containing GSE were obtained from GEO [5962], those starting with ENC from ENCODE

From: Predicting enhancers in mammalian genomes using supervised hidden Markov models

Cell type Experiment Target Accession Format
ESC E14 ATAC-seq - GSE120376 fastq
  ChIP-seq H3K27ac GSE120376 fastq
   H3K4me1 GSE120376 fastq
   H3K4me3 GSE120376 fastq
   Nanog GSE11431 fastq
   Oct4 GSE11431 fastq
   Sox2 GSE11431 fastq
   CTCF GSE29184 fastq
   p300 GSE29184 fastq
   Pol II GSE29184 fastq
  MeDIP-seq - GSE3859 fastq
liver E12.5 ATAC-seq - ENCSR302LIV bam
  ChIP-seq H3K27ac ENCSR136GMT bam
   H3K4me1 ENCSR770OXU bam
   H3K4me3 ENCSR471SJG bam
liver E14.5 ATAC-seq - ENCSR032HKE fastq
  ChIP-seq H3K27ac ENCSR075SNV bam
   H3K4me1 ENCSR234ISO bam
   H3K4me3 ENCSR433ESG bam
lung E14.5 ATAC-seq - ENCSR335VJW fastq
  ChIP-seq H3K27ac ENCSR452WYC bam
   H3K4me1 ENCSR825OWH bam
   H3K4me3 ENCSR839WFP bam
lung E16.5 ATAC-seq - ENCSR627OCR fastq
  ChIP-seq H3K27ac ENCSR140UEX bam
   H3K4me1 ENCSR387YSD bam
   H3K4me3 ENCSR295PFM bam