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Table 1 Tools and databases implemented and integrated into the PanRV modules

From: PanRV: Pangenome-reverse vaccinology approach for identifications of potential vaccine candidates in microbial pangenome

Name Function Source
Prokka 1.12 Rapid prokaryotic genome annotation tool [24]
Roary 1.0 Rapid large-scale prokaryote pan genome analysis [23]
BLAST+ Local alignment search [66]
PSORTb 3.0 Prediction of protein subcellular localization [30]
HMMTOP 2.1 Prediction of transmembrane topology [45]
DEG Database of essential genes to check essentiality. [33]
VFDB Virulence factors database for virulence identification [39]
MvirDB Microbial virulence database for virulence identification [40]
RefSeq (Human Genome Resources) Human genome database for Homology search [44]
ABCPred B-Cell epitope prediction [49]
Propred-I Prediction of promiscuous major histocompatibility complex (MHC) Class-I binding sites. [50]
Propred Prediction of MHC Class-II binding regions in an antigen sequence. [51]
Vaxijen v2.0 Antigenicity checking [18]
UniProt-SwissProt Manually annotated protein sequences database with information extracted from literature for homology search and functional annotation [53]
COG Functional annotation [54]
CARD antibiotic resistance analysis [55]