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Table 3 List of vaccine targets prioritized via PanRV

From: PanRV: Pangenome-reverse vaccinology approach for identifications of potential vaccine candidates in microbial pangenome

PanRV ID Candidate Proteins (COG) No. B cell Epitope No. T cell Epitope Resistance Association COG ID Function (UniProt)/annotation
95 Surface antigen 4 9 COG3942 M ssaA2_1
169 LysM repeat 3 6 COG1388 M N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase sle1alanine amidase sle1
262 phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase 2 2 COG0351 H Putative pyridoxine kinase
323 LysM repeat 5 6 COG1388 M Probable autolysin SsaALP
998 Periplasmic serine protease, S1-C subfamily, contain C-terminal PDZ domain 2 2 COG0265 O Serine protease Do-like HtrA
1303 Surface antigen 3 5 COG3942 M Staphylococcal secretory antigen ssaA2_2
1306 Surface antigen 4 5 COG3942 M Staphylococcal secretory antigen ssaA2_3
  1. RVM (Reverse Vaccinology Module) results include PanRV IDs of 7 prioritized proteins along with the protein names and number of B and T cell epitopes. The results of ARM (Antibiotic Resistance Association Module) are illustrated as ARO IDs (if any) and the FAM (Functional Annotation Module) results are shown as COG IDs along with their functional annotations retrieved from UniProt