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Table 1 EGIL classification scheme

From: An ontology for representing hematologic malignancies: the cancer cell ontology

EGIL classification system
Immunologic subgroup Immunophenotypic profile
B-lineage ALL CD19+ and/or CD79a + and/or CD22+
B-I (pro-B) No B-cell differentiation antigens
B-II (common B) CD10+
B-III (pre-B) cyIgμ+
B-IV (mature B) cylg or sIg λ + or κ+
T-lineage ALL Cytoplasmic/surface CD3+
T-I (pro-T) CD7+
T-II (pre-T) CD2+ and/or CD5+ and/or CDS+
T-III (cortical T) CD1a+
T-IV (mature T) Surface CD3+, CD la-
α/β (group a) TCR α/β+
γ/δ (group b) TCR γ/δ+
Early myeloid (AML-MO) MPO ± but enzymatic MPO−/CD13+/CD33+/
CD65+/and-or CD 117+
Myelo/monocytic lineage MPO+/CD13+/CD33+/CD65+/and-or CD117+
Megakaryocytic lineage CD41+ and/or CD61+ (surface or cytoplasmic)
Erythroid lineage Early/immature: unclassified by markers
Late/mature: GPA+
Undifferentiated Often CD34+/HLA-DR+/CD38+/CD7+