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Table 2 Markers that could not be precisely mapped to individual PRO protein chains

From: Reporting and connecting cell type names and gating definitions through ontologies

Label Description Suggestion
CD8 A protein complex that serves as a T cell co-receptor consisting of either an alpha-beta heterodimer, or an alpha-alpha homodimer Use PRO term for CD8 protein complex: PR:000025402. Work with PRO to include alpha/alpha and alpha/beta complexes, and update logical definitions
CD3 The invariant subunit of the T cell receptor complex, consisting of multiple chains including CD3E Use PRO term for CD3E chain: PR:000001020. Work with PRO to define CD3 complex.
HLA-DR An MHC protein complex consisting of alpha and beta chains encoded in the DR locus. Use PRO term for DR beta chain (PR:000036952). Work with PRO to define the different complexes
STAT1/3/5 proteins that have been phosphorylated. Utilize terms in PRO for phosphorylated forms of proteins (e.g. PR:000003075 for STAT1), and work with PRO to ask if these can be included as synonyms.
LIN A mixture of lineage markers, typically used to exclude major lineages of cells in blood T cells, B cells, Monocytes, and NK cells, for example: CD3, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD20, CD56. Disallow this, and ask users to spell out what specific cocktail was used.