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Table 4 Non-protein based gates

From: Reporting and connecting cell type names and gating definitions through ontologies

Preferred label Based on Alternative spellings encountered
lymphocyte size (FSC vs SSC) ly, lymp, lymph, lymphocyte, Lymph, Lymphs, Lymp, Lymphocytes
monocyte size (FSC vs SSC) mo, mono, monos, MNC, Monocytes, Mono
granulocyte size (FSC vs SSC) Gran
intact size (FSC vs SSC) Intact_cells, Intact_cells_population
singlet relative dimensions (SSC or FSC A vs H, H vs W, A vs W) sing, singlets, Singlet, Singlets, doublet_excluded, sing-F, intact_singlet
viable dye live, Annexin-, live/dead stain-?
proliferated dye CFSE-, TracerViolet-