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Table 1 Selected genera of the Iridoviridae family and infected host species

From: A voting mechanism-based linear epitope prediction system for the host-specific Iridoviridae family

Genus Selected species Hosts
Lymphocystivirus Lymphocystis disease virus 1 (LCDV-1) Fish species (vertebrate)
Megalocystivirus Taiwan grouper Iridovirus (TGIV) Fish species (vertebrate)
Ranavirus Grouper Iridovirus (GIV) Amphibians, reptiles, and fish species (vertebrate)
Iridovirus Invertebrate iridescent virus-6 (IIV-6) Insects, crustaceans (invertebrate)
Chloriridovirus Invertebrate iridescent virus-3 (IIV-3) Mosquitoes (invertebrate)