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Table 3 Functional enrichment of GO for part of DNB

From: Detecting the stable point of therapeutic effect of chronic myeloid leukemia based on dynamic network biomarkers

Enriched items Genes p-value
Cell surface receptor signaling pathway (GO:0007166) GCD3G, CD3D, CD8A, CD3E, CCR1, CD247, CXCR1, FADD, IL7R, IL17RA, IFNAR2, LILRB2, TNFSF10, MYD88, CCR5, LILRB3, CD2, KLRD1, CD14, CD27, CD28 5.57E-21
Immune response (GO:0006955) IL18RAP, AQP9, CD8A, GZMA, CCR1, HLA-DMB, GZMH, IL7R, HLA-DMA, LILRB2, TNFRSF1B, TNFSF10, CCR5, IL4R, IRF8, ZAP70, HLA-DPA1, CD27, PTAFR, HLA-DRA 1.50E-13
T cell costimulation (GO:0031295) CD3G, TRAC, CD3D, CD3E, LGALS1, CD247, LCK, HLA-DPA1, CD5, HLA-DRA, CD28 4.77E-12
T cell receptor signaling pathway (GO:0050852) CD3G, TRAC, CD3D, CD3E, GATA3, CD247, LCK, ZAP70, HLA-DPA1, HLA-DRA, PIK3R2, CD28 1.61E-10
Apoptotic process (GO:0006915) PRF1, GZMA, LGALS1, LY86, TGFBR2, FADD, GZMB, ZBTB16, GZMH, TNFSF10, MYD88, RIPK1, MAP3K1, CD2, CTSH, CD14 1.03E-07