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Fig. 1

From: Data and knowledge management in translational research: implementation of the eTRIKS platform for the IMI OncoTrack consortium

Fig. 1

The components of the OncoTrack data coordination operation. The platform comprises three major components: the Electronic Data Capture System (EDC, OpenClinica), the Central Data Repository (OncoTrack DB), and the Data Integration System (tranSMART). The OpenClinica EDC system is used to collect medical history and observational patient data from clinical sites during the studies and feeds the structured data to the Central Data Repository. The Central Data Repository, OncoTrack DB is a sample indexed content management system. Data and results generated in the laboratories (before integration) are deposited and exchanged here. In order to link the different data types and layers, the data collected in the OncoTrack DB are integrated in the Data Integration System, tranSMART. The tranSMART data warehouse provides deep linking and integration between the clinical and laboratory data and a set of tools for the exploratory analysis of the integrated data

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