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Table 3 Categories and N50 distribution for genome assembly simulations

From: Computational enhancer prediction: evaluation and improvements

ID Species Scaffold N50 Category
A Drosophila melanogaster (divided chromosomes) NA Excellent
B Aedes aegypti 409,777,670 Excellent
C Ctenocephalides felis 71,713,785 Very Good
D Apis mellifera 13,619,445 Very Good
E Papilio xuthus 6,198,915 Good
F Schizaphis graminum 1,292,312 Good
G Pogonomyrmex barbatus 819,605 Medium
H Bactrocera oleae 139,566 Medium
I Lutzomyia longipalpis 85,093 Poor
J Drosophila albomicans 23,589 Poor