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Fig. 2

From: Ryūtō: network-flow based transcriptome reconstruction

Fig. 2

Shared interval markers are used to keep track of overlapping regions during computations. Each bin is assigned a directed binary forest of intervals, where current edges in G are marked as leaves, and inner nodes mark steps in the partitioning. Two distinct suffixes of bin A are respectively prefixes of bins B and C. B and C differ outside of the prefixes. When adding bins into the graph A will be added first by genomic position, and a single edge is added 1. B splits edge 1 into two edges 2 and 3, set as new child nodes to 1 in A. 3 and the new arc x are added as new trees in B. C further splits A, and with this indirectly B. As we use the same reference 3 for both bins, splitting is trivial. The resulting range forests are shown to the right

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