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Table 1 Summary of RNA-seq samples used in this paper

From: Ryūtō: network-flow based transcriptome reconstruction

Organism SRA Accession GEO Accession Chosen By # Spots Cell Line Localization Length
human SRR307911 GSM758566 TransComb, Scallop 41M H1-hESC cell 76
  SRR307912 GSM758566 - 36M H1-hESC cell 76
  SRR387661 GSM840137 TransComb, Scallop 125M K562 cytosol 76
  SRR307903 GSM758562 Scallop 36M BJ cell 76
  SRR534319 GSM981256 StringTie, Scallop 25M CD20+ cell 76
  SRR545695 GSM984609 StringTie 40M CD14+ cell 76
  SRR534307 GSM981252 Scallop 167M MCF-7 cytosol 101
  SRR545723 GSM984621 Scallop 147M HMEpC cell 101
mouse SRR203276 SRX062280 TransComb 52M dendritic cell 76
  ERR1138641 ERX1217510 - 29M liver cell 101