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Table 3 Euclidean distance between organisms based on predicted subnuclear location spectra

From: Detailed prediction of protein sub-nuclear localization

Human04.0 ± 0.61.8 ± 0.39.7 ± 0.7
Chimp4.0 ± 0.604.0 ± 0.512.7 ± 0.8
Mouse1.8 ± 0.34.0 ± 0.509.9 ± 0.7
Yeast9.7 ± 0.712.7 ± 0.89.9 ± 0.70
  1. We calculate the Euclidean distance between predicted subnuclear location spectra and use that distance as proxy to identify evolutionary relationships. As expected, yeast is most distant from the other organisms. However, according to the subnuclear location spectra, human is closer to mouse than to chimp which is opposite what we would expect from known evolutionary relationships. Predicted subnuclear location spectra help in identifying certain aspects of evolution while they cannot capture all evolutionary relations in detail