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Table 1 State transitions and propensities for the CTMC coinfection model

From: Effect of stochasticity on coinfection dynamics of respiratory viruses

Description Transition Propensity
Infection by V1 TT−1,E1E1+1 β 1 T V 1
Infection by V2 TT−1,E2E2+1 β 2 T V 2
Infection to infectious E1E1−1,I1I1+1 k 1 E 1
Infection to infectious E2E2−1,I2I2+1 k 2 E 2
Death of I1 I1I1−1 δ 1 I 1
Death of I2 I2I2−1 δ 2 I 2
Production of V1 V1V1+1 p 1 I 1
Production of V2 V2V2+1 p 2 I 2
Decay of V1 V1V1−1 c 1 V 1
Decay of V1 V2V2−1 c 2 V 2