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Table 5 Ranking of the most important features using MI

From: Automated assessment of biological database assertions using the scientific literature

Rank Type Field Feature
  Gene-disease relations
1 Dict. Body Mutation
2 Dict. Body Gene
3 Co-men. Body Jaccard
4 Co-men. Body Dice
5 Co-men. Body Cosine
6 Context Title SumOverlap
7 Context Title SumJaccard
8 Context Title SumCosine
9 Context Title SumDice
10 Context Title SumMatching
  Protein-protein interactions
1 Dict. Body Interact
2 Co-men. Body Overlap
3 Co-men. Body Cosine
4 Co-men. Body Jaccard
5 Co-men. Body Dice
6 Dict. Body Protein
7 Dict. Body Complex
8 Dict. Body Bind
9 Dict. Body Cell
10 Dict. Body Figur