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Table 6 Top correlated features within each group of features obtained using PCA

From: Automated assessment of biological database assertions using the scientific literature

  Dictionary Co-mention Context
  Field Feature Field Feature Field Feature
  Gene-disease relations
1 Body study Abstract jaccard Abstract MeanOverlap
  Body found Abstract dice Abstract MaxCosine
  Body analysis Abstract cosine Abstract MeanMatching
  Body report Abstract matching Abstract MeanDice
  Body result Body cosine Body Coeff.VarJaccard
2 Body susceptible Title matching Title Geo.MeanJaccard
  Body associated Title jaccard Title Harm.MeanDice
  Abstract susceptible Title dice Title Harm.MeanCosine
  Body risk Title cosine Title Harm.MeanMatching
  Abstract associated Body matching Title Harm.MeanJaccard
3 Body cell Abstract cosine Abstract Harm.MeanCosine
  Body interact Abstract dice Abstract Geo.MeanCosine
  Body complex Abstract jaccard Abstract MinMatching
  Body bind Body dice Abstract Geo.MeanDice
  Body figure Body jaccard Abstract Geo.MeanJaccard
  Protein-protein interaction
1 Body result Abstract Dice Title MaxCosine
  Body study Abstract Cosine Title MaxDice
  Body cell Abstract Matching Title MaxOverlap
  Body show Body Jaccard Title MaxJaccard
  Body shown Body Dice Title MaxMatching
2 Abstract express Title Jaccard Abstract Harm.MeanDice
  Body yeast Title Dice Abstract Harm.MeanCosine
  Body termin Title Cosine Abstract Geo.MeanJaccard
  Abstract receptore Title Matching Abstract Geo.MeanDice
  Body complex Body Cosine Abstract Geo.MeanCosine
3 Title residue Abstract Matching Title Geo.MeanDice
  Title receptore Title Matching Title Harm.MeanCosine
  Title hla Body Matching Title MinCosine
  Body hla Title Jaccard Title Harm.MeanMatching
  Abstract hla Body Dice Title MinDice