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Table 2 Predicted indications for herbal compounds

From: Drug repositioning of herbal compounds via a machine-learning approach

Compound Disease Predicted Probability Identifier
Testosterone Calcification 0.9245 NCT00838838
Polycystic ovary syndrome 0.8584 NCT00757185
Hyperplasia 0.6345 NCT00194675
Cortisol Edema 0.9067 NCT00820092
Alopecia 0.7454 NCT01453686
Ephedrine Headache 0.8883 NCT00378144
Cough 0.8836 NCT00378144
Podophyllotoxin Leukemia 0.8141 NCT01260714
(−)-Prostaglandin E1 Hypertension 0.7911 NCT01467076
Irinotecan Neuroblastoma 0.6746 NCT00644696
Salicylic acid Hypertension 0.6071 NCT01741922