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Table 3 A summary for the strengths and limitations of the DDSM, IRMA, INbreast, MIAS and BCDR databases

From: Deep convolutional neural networks for mammography: advances, challenges and applications

Database Strength Limitation
DDSM Big widely used database. Non-standard format.
  Shape variations of different lesions. Not precise position of lesions.
IRMA Accurate position of lesions. Non-standard format.
  High resolution.  
INbreast Accurate position of lesions. Limited size.
   Limited mass shape variations.
  Standard file format.  
   Old database.
   No more supported.
MIAS Still widely used. Limited size.
   Images are of low resolution.
   Has MLO view only.
  Different resolutions.  
BCDR Accurate position of lesions. Limited size.
  Standard file format.  
  Still in their development phase.