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Table 1 Datasets used in the study

From: m6Acomet: large-scale functional prediction of individual m6A RNA methylation sites from an RNA co-methylation network

ID GEO accession Cell line Treatment Source
1–4 SRR456542-SRR456549, SRR456551-SRR456557 HepG2 UV, HGF, IFN, UT [39]
5–6 SRR903368-SRR903379 U2OS CTL, DAA [40]
7–10 SRR847358-SRR847377 HeLa Ctrl, METTL14-, METTL3-, WTAP- [41]
11–12 SRR1182582-SRR1182590 ES/NPC hNPC, hESC [42]
13–18 SRR1182591-SRR1182596, SRR494613-SRR494618, SRR5080301-SRR50312 Hek293T, Hek293A Ctrl, WTAP-, METTL3-, METTL16-
19–21 SRR1182597-SRR1182602 OKMS D0, D5_WITH_DOX, D5_WO_DOX
22–26 SRR1182603-SRR1182630 A549 Ctrl, METTL14-, METTL3-, WTAP-, KIAA1429-
27–28 SRR3066062-SRR3066069 AML Ctrl, FTO+ [43]
29–30 SRR5239086-SRR5239109 AML2 Ctrl, METTL3- [44]
31–32 SRR1035213-SRR1035224 ESC T0, T48 [45]