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Table 2 Pathway database content statistics. Each cell reflects the unique number of entities for a given modality in its corresponding database. The genes modality comprises genes, mRNAs, and gene products as well as any modifications on those. The metabolites modality comprises biological entities from small molecules to cellular components. The miRNAs modality contains microRNA molecules. Finally, nodes that correspond to other pathways, molecular events, or biological processes (e.g., Gene Ontology (GO; [8]) terms) are included in the biological processes modality. The statistics reflect the status of the content available from KEGG and WikiPathways from the 13th of March, 2019 and the latest Reactome release (version 67) from the 13th of December, 2018

From: PathMe: merging and exploring mechanistic pathway knowledge

Modality KEGG Reactome WikiPathways
Genes 7289 8653 3361
Metabolites 4048 2712 655
miRNAs 149 13 91
Biological processes 418 2219 138