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Table 1 Interpretation of the output of stringMLST and SRST2 with “*”

From: STRAIN: an R package for multi-locus sequence typing from whole genome sequencing data

 Capability to identify correct allelesCapability to identify new alleles
SRST2 / stringMLST outputHigh stringencyLow stringencyHigh stringencyLow stringency
allele_1*Missed the correct alleleHit the correct allele(this case doesn’t exist because allele_1 is not present)(this case doesn’t exist because allele_1 is not present)
allele_2* to allele_100*Missed the correct alleleMissed the correct alleleHit a new allele is presentMissed a new allele is present
  1. Synoptic table describing differences in the interpretation of output containing “*” with high and low stringency criteria for both capability to identify correct and new alleles. To measure the capability to identify new alleles, in this example “allele_1” has been removed from the set of reference alleles