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Table 3 Capability to identify new alleles

From: STRAIN: an R package for multi-locus sequence typing from whole genome sequencing data

SoftwarePercentage of no-outputCapability to identify new alleles
STRAIN0.6% (22/3780)98.7% (3730/3780)
SRST2 high stringency1.8% (69/3780)85.9% (3247/3780)
SRST2 low stringency1.8% (69/3780)1.1% (41/3780)
stringMLST high stringency0.3% (12/3780)80.5% (3057/3780)
stringMLST low stringency0.3% (12/3780)0% (0/3780)
GRAbB2.7% (101/3780)97.1% (3669/3780)
  1. Summary of percentage of no-output and capability to identify new alleles for STRAIN, SRST2, stringMLST and GRAbB. In bold the maximum value