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Table 5 Cascade sets with the highest cascade number in the reaction-centric metabolic network of E. coli

From: Identification of critical connectors in the directed reaction-centric graphs of microbial metabolic networks

Leading cascade reaction (Cascade number) Cascade set Subsystem (function) Subnetwork typea Fluxb Essentialityc
MECDPDH5 (7) DMPPS, IPDPS, OCTDPS, UDCPDPS, DMATT, IPDDI, GRTT Cofactor and prosthetic group biosynthesis (Connecting Isoprenoid and ubiquinol) Other
0.002 T
ASAD (7) THRAi, THRD, THRD_L, HSDy, THRS, HSK, THRTRS Threonine and lysine metabolism (Junction of lysine and threonine branches) Tree
−1.050 T
GTPCI (7) CPH4S, CDGS, DHPTPE, CCGS, CDGR, DNMPPA, DNTPPA Cofactor and prosthetic group biosynthesis (Folate synthesis and producing ‘glycit’) Tree
0.002 T
GLUTRS (7) GLUTRR, G1SAT, PPBNGS, HMBS, UPP3S, UPPDC1, CPPPGO Cofactor and prosthetic group biosynthesis (Importing glu-L to synthesize hemeO biosynthesis) Linear path
0.004 T
  1. Abbreviations can be found in BiGG database (
  2. aDrawn for the leading cascade reaction and its cascade set reactions; All the subnetwork are acyclic subnetworks classified into three types: tree, linear path, and other (neither linear path nor tree)
  3. bMetabolic flux value from FBA of wild-type E. coli (mmol/gDCW/h)
  4. cEssentiality of a reaction predicted from the reaction deletion simulation