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Fig. 8

From: Visualizing complex feature interactions and feature sharing in genomic deep neural networks

Fig. 8

a Bi-clustering of TF/histone mark - DNase hypersensitivity similarity map (the highlighted box in Fig. 7), x-axis are the TF/histone mark experiments and y-axis are DNase hypersensitivity experiments across 125 different cell types. A zoom-in of the clusters can be found in Additional file 1: Figure S1. b Bar-plot of number of strong positive (red) and strong negative class similarity (blue) with DNase experiments for each of the TFs and histone marks. Majority of the TF/histone marks in the left box are known chromatin regulators, and majority of TF/histone marks in the right box are known transcription repressor. A zoom-in of the bar-plot can be found in Additional file 1: Figure S2

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