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Table 1 Operations to be applied on the integrated network

From: UNIPred-Web: a web tool for the integration and visualization of biomolecular networks for protein function prediction

Name Symbol Options Description
Labels None The labels on the nodes can be shown or hidden.
Save The integrated network currently displayed in the canvas can be download in different compressed formats (csv, json).
Search Node and edge search relying on node ids. In case of edge search, it is possible to specify one of the ids of its extremes. When the node/edge is identified, the visualization is focused on it, a window is opened containing details of the selected element.
Settings None It allows to open/close the panel on the right hand side of the canvas with the visualization options.
Save image None The network currently shown in the canvas is saved in PNG format.
Refresh None Layout refresh (the position of the nodes is computed again).
Prediction A table is shown containing the prediction of the edges. Two option: iCurrent visualization: only the prediction values of the nodes contained in the canvas are reported; iiIntegrated network: the prediction values of the entire integrated network are reported.
Info None A window with the information related to the current page is visualized.