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Table 1 New genes and connections discovered that allow the expansion of the FA pathway. The first two columns correspond to the two interactor proteins, the third column refers to the type of interaction and the last column shows the supporting bibliographic evidence. Genes MAD2L2, RFWD3 and XRCC2 (in bold) did not appear in the original FA KEGG pathway and were added to the new curated FA pathway

From: Exploring the druggable space around the Fanconi anemia pathway using machine learning and mechanistic models

MAD2L2 REV3L binding [37]
RFWD3 RPA1 binding/association [38]
XRCC2 RAD51C activation [39]
REV1 MAD2L2 binding/association [37]
FANCC REV1 activation [40]
POLK REV1 binding/association [41]
BRCA1 REV1 activation [42]
BRIP1 BRCA1 binding/association [43]
PALB2 BRCA2 binding/association [44]
PALB2 BRCA1 binding/association [45]
FANCA BRCA1 binding/association [46]
FANCD2 BRCA1 binding/association [47]