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Table 1 A contingency table showing how the counts, nxy are calculated for the generic term pair XY

From: Indirect association and ranking hypotheses for literature based discovery

  Y \(\overline {Y}\) totals
X n11=XY \(n_{12} = X\overline {Y}\) n1p=X
\(\overline {X}\) \(n_{21}= \overline {X}Y\) \(n_{22} = \overline {X}\overline {Y}\) \(n_{2p} = \overline {X}*\)
totals np1=Y \(n_{p2} = *\overline {Y}\) npp=**
  1. \(\overline {X}\) and \(\overline {Y}\) indicate any token except X or Y respectively. indicates any single token