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Fig. 5

From: A model of pulldown alignments from SssI-treated DNA improves DNA methylation prediction

Fig. 5

Profile of methylation predictions on 100 bp windows. For the same subset of windows as analyzed in Fig. 4, smoothed density plots compare the window methylation as calculated by RRBS to the methylation predicted by (a) BayMeth-SssI, (b) BayMeth-noSssI, and (c) BayMeth-calcSssI. The y=x line is plotted in dashed green and divisions at RRBS =0.1 and RRBS =0.90 are plotted in bolded white. The distribution of methylation predictions given by each configuration is plotted for windows with an RRBS methylation (d) ≤0.10 and (e) ≥0.90, the methylation regimes (blocked in gray) where most windows lie

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