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Table 4 The four simulations, illustrated in Figs. 5 and 6, are performed with parameters fitted on wild type (WT) or Ftm mutant (KO) data, taking a cell cycle duration of 29.4h for the IPP cell type as in [6]

From: A multiscale mathematical model of cell dynamics during neurogenesis in the mouse cerebral cortex

  1. The γ(t) rate is either a constant (cte) or a sigmoid function of time (var), and the datasets used in the fit (27) include IPs and Ns in all cases, and additional data on IPPs in cases 3 and 4. The parameter values obtained from optimization are highlighted in blue. The corresponding a priori criterion values are highlighted in red. The values of the criterion recomputed a posteriori with adding (upper line) or removing (lower line) the IPP dataset are left in black