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Fig. 4

From: VOLARE: visual analysis of disease-associated microbiome-immune system interplay

Fig. 4

Case study 1 mapped to tasks. a To explore relationships, we searched for a microbe of interest in the top table, and then b generated a detailed regression plot to assess credibility of the fitted model. The x-axis represents the cytokine data (measured in pg/ml) while the y-axis represents the microbial taxa (measured in relative abundance, in the range from 0 to 1). Each point represents the values for one sample from one person. Points are color coded to represent the cohort to which the corresponding person belongs. Lines represent the fitted regression model for each cohort. The closer the points are to the line, the better the model. The relatively large dynamic range of the values for IL.1alpha make it an analyte of interest. c Partial results of the search for IL.1alpha. Microplots allow us to discover differences by disease state. d Comparing detailed regression plots, we obsered that high values of IL.1alpha are associated with relatively high levels of Mb_8 but not Mb_12. e The ability to show our IL.1alpha table in the network illustrates that IL.1alpha is a a hub connected to 7 proteins

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