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Fig. 7

From: VOLARE: visual analysis of disease-associated microbiome-immune system interplay

Fig. 7

Usage scenarios. An analysis pass consists of loading a file and exploring the data, and lasts until the display is reset. (a) Most analysis passes last less than 20 min, but have lasted up to 90 min. (b) A comparison of the number of detailed plots generated versus the number of searches suggests three different analysis scenarios. One scenario is “big picture” generation of dozens of detailed plots, unaccompanied by searches (searches = 0, dPlots greater than 20). Another scenario is a mix of 2 to 5 searches and generation of around 3 to 20 detailed plots (search-inspect-search). A third scenario is zero or one single searches combined with the generation of 1 to 10 detailed plots (quick check). Data is jittered on the horizontal axis to reduce overplotting

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