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Table 1 Examples of popular 5′-end methods

From: CAGEfightR: analysis of 5′-end data using R/Bioconductor

Technology Acronym RNA state Ref.
Cap Analysis of Gene Expression CAGE Steady-tate [5]
Nano CAGE NanoCAGE Steady-state [6]
Super Low Input Carrier CAGE SLIC-CAGE Steady-state [7]
no-Amplification non-Tagging CAGE nAnT-iCAGE Steady-state [8]
Transcription Start Site Sequencing TSS-Seq Steady-state [9]
RNA Annotation and Mapping of Promoters for the Analysis of Gene Expression RAMPAGE Steady-state [10]
Single-cell Tagged Reverse transcription STRT Steady-state [11]
Precision Nuclear Run-on Sequencing for RNA Polymerase II Start Sites PRO-Cap Nascent [12]
5′ Global Run-on Sequencing GRO-Cap/5′ GRO-Seq Nascent [13]