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Table 1 Named entity and trigger types in DataMLEE, DataST09 and DataEPI11, respectively

From: Multiple-level biomedical event trigger recognition with transfer learning

Corpus Named entity type Trigger type
Data ST09 Protein Gene expression*
   Transcription*, Binding*
   Protein catabolism*
   Localization*, Regulation*
   Positive regulation*
   Negative regulation*
Data EPI11 Protein Hydroxylation, Dehydroxylation
   Phosphorylation+, Deglycosylation
   Dephosphorylation+, Catalysis
   Ubiquitination, Acetylation
   DNA methylation
   DNA demethylation
   Glycosylation, Deacetylation
   Methylation, Demethylation
Data MLEE Gene or gene product Cell proliferation, Planned process
  Drug or compound Development, Binding*
  Developing anatomical structure Blood vessel develop
  Organ, Tissue Growth, Death, Regulation*
  Immaterial anatomical entity Breakdown, Remodeling
  Anatomical system Synthesis, Localization*
  Organism, Cell Gene expression*
  Pathological formation Transcription*
  Organism subdivision Protein catabolism*
  Multi-tissue structure Phosphorylation*+
  Cellular component Dephosphorylation+
  Organism substance Positive regulation*
   Negative regulation*
  1. In the trigger types of DataMLEE, the labels overlapped with DataST09 are marked using ‘*’, and the labels overlapped with DataEPI11 are marked using ‘+’