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Fig. 5

From: SigsPack, a package for cancer mutational signatures

Fig. 5

Exposures estimations for different normalization of the same sample. a Normalization on the genome, where the observed mutation frequencies were re-scaled. To perform the scaling, tri-nucleotide ratios where first obtained by dividing the tri-nucleotide frequencies observed in exome regions by their corresponding values in the whole genome. The mutational catalogue was then scaled by the tri-nucleotide ratio and converted to frequencies. b Normalization on the exome, where the COSMIC signatures were re-scaled. In this case, the COSMIC signatures were scaled by the inverse of the tri-nucleotide ratios, and converted to frequencies again. Together, a) & b) show that the scaling direction (mutational catalogue or signatures) lead to different exposures estimations. In both cases, 1000 realisations have been used by bootstrapping

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