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Table 1 HLA I binding profiles of conserved and experimentally verified HCMV-specific CTL epitopes

From: Computational assembly of a human Cytomegalovirus vaccine upon experimental epitope legacy

EpitopeAntigen geneAntigen accessiona HLA I restrictionb Extended HLA I restrictionc PPC (%)
QYDPVAALFUL83Q6SW59A*24:02, A*01:01, C*04:01A*:01:01, A*24:02, B*15:16, B*38:01, B*39011, B*3909, B*5801, C*04:01, C*07:0266.71
NLVPMVATVUL83Q6SW59A*02:01, A*02:02, A*02:03, A*02:06, A*02:11, A*02:12, A*02:16, A*02:19, A*24:02, A*69:01, A*03, B*07:02A*02:01, A*02:02, A*02:03, A*02:05, A*02:06, A*02:09, A*02:14, A*68:02, A*02:12, A*02:16, A*02:19, A*02:11, A*69:01, A*24:02, B*07:0258.98
TTVYPPSSTAKUL32Q6SW99A*03:01A*0301, B*15:02, B*15:08, C*07:0234.47
HERNGFTVLUL83Q6SW59B*40:01, B*40:02, B*60A*2902, B*0702, B*1510, B*40:01, B*40:0224.21
TPRVTGGGAMUL83Q6SW59A*02:01, B*07:02A*02:01, B*07:02, B*55:02, B*27:069.79
CEDVPSGKLUL83Q6SW59B*40:01, A*03, B*60B*38:01, B*40:012.78
QTVTSTPVQGRUL32Q6SW99A*68:01A*33:01, A*68:011.12
AELEGVWQPAUL83Q6SW59B*40:06A*02:09, B*40:060
  1. aExperimental restriction found in IEDB; b Experimental plus predicted HLA I restriction/binding (details in Methods); c PPC was computed independently for 5 ethnic groups in the USA population using EPISOPT [27] and here we report the lowest PPC value