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Table 3 Conserved and experimentally verified B cell epitopes from HCMV envelope proteins

From: Computational assembly of a human Cytomegalovirus vaccine upon experimental epitope legacy

EpitopeAntigen genea Accession numberb PDBc Flexibilityd Accessibility (%)
VSIDDDTPMLUL75Q6SW675VOB: A [238–247]0.13125.37
TNQYLIKGISYPVSTUL75Q6SW675VOB: A [592–606]0.0932.63
AFHLLLNTYGRUL75Q6SW675VOB: A [37–47]1.61855.08
IFTEHVLGFELVPPSUL115F5HCH85VOB: B [173–187]−0.27511.71
FTYDTLRGYINRALAUL55F5HB535C6T: A [486–500]− 0.64464.02
LRGYINRALAQIAEAUL55F5HB535C6T: A [491–505]−0.64568.14
NRALAQIAEAWCVDQUL55F5HB535C6T: A [496–510]−0.72463.41
QIAEAWCVDQRRTLEUL55F5HB535C6T: A [501–515]−0.90456.29
SAILSAIYNKPIAARUL55F5HB535C6T: A [526–540]−1.18740.75
SKINPSAILSAIYNKUL55F5HB535C6T: A [521–535]−1.24146.13
VFKELSKINPSAILSUL55F5HB535C6T: A [516–530]−1.32238.57
YAQLQFTYDTLRGYIUL55F5HB535C6T: A [481–495]−0.73453.73
  1. a Accession number from UniProtKB database. b Tertiary structure of the antigen (PDB code) with epitope location in square brackets. c Average flexibility (Fb, Eq. 3) of epitope in arbitrary units. d Average relative solvent-exposed accessibility of epitope in percentage (Ab, Eq. 4). The epitopes AFHLLLNTYGR and WSTLTANQNPSPPWSKLTY, were part of the epitopes AASEALDPHAFHLLLNTYGR and SWSTLTANQNPSPPWSKLTY, respectively. Accessibility and flexibility of NVTFRGLQNKTEDFL was predicted upon the antigen amino acid sequence as it did not map onto any 3D-structure (details in Methods)