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Table 3 SNPs identified for the resistance to penicillin (PEN) by DNP-AAP

From: Antimicrobial resistance genetic factor identification from whole-genome sequence data using deep feature selection

ID RangeIDAAPGenesAnnotationsKnown
 384240.344NGK_2469conserved hypothetical protein 
 336010.342NGK_2170outer membrane preprotein PIIc 
 187990.330gyrADNA gyrase subunit A 
 295020.322NGK_1906monofunctional biosynthetic peptidoglycan 
 295040.251NGK_1906monofunctional biosynthetic peptidoglycan 
[2749,2763]27550.236ponApenicillin-binding protein 1A
 350950.219NGK_2270adhesin MafA 
 101200.213NGK_0679putative phage associated protein 
 403350.204 intergenic between NGK_2581 and NGK_2582  
 68170.203NGK_042323S rRNA pseudo-uridine 1911/1915/1917 
  1. Annotations are from EnsemblBacteria. The column “ID Range” lists the ranges of SNPs that fall in known AMR-associated genes (only) in our data. ID: ID of Identified SNP
  2. *NGK_2581: Putative hemoglobin receptor component precursor HpuA; NGK_2582: Conserved hypothetical protein