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Table 2 Runtime comparison on various gene-gene interaction channels

From: Predicting links between tumor samples and genes using 2-Layered graph based diffusion approach

Data Total run time
  Iteration 2 Iteration 6 Iteration 30
Cooccurrence 29.05s 63.37s 242.24s
Experimental 27.01s 68s 267.60s
Fusion 45.65s 74.41s 278.78s
Neighborhood 25.62s 67.13s 260.46s
Textmining 29.55s 75.20s 264.93s
Coexpression 26.23s 65.97s 247.96s
Physical 25.46s 65.56s 234.31s
Combined 24s 61.15s 230s
Database 25.57s 57.28s 233s