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Table 5 The top 10 miRNA-disease associations predicted by our method

From: A network embedding-based multiple information integration method for the MiRNA-disease association prediction

miRNA Disease Rank Evidence
hsa-let-7c Crohn Disease 1 N.A.
hsa-let-7c Gastritis, Atrophic 2 [26]
hsa-let-7e Lymphoproliferative Disorders 3 N.A.
hsa-let-7e Giant Cell Tumors 4 N.A.
hsa-mir-103a-2 Myelodysplastic Syndromes 5 [27]
hsa-let-7e Biliary Atresia 6 [28]
hsa-mir-10a Carotid Artery Diseases 7 N.A.
hsa-mir-10b Eczema 8 N.A.
hsa-mir-1179 Breast Neoplasms 9 [29]
hsa-mir-1179 Carcinoma, Hepatocellular 10