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Table 1 Comparison of Ibd1 localization presented in [16] (without untagged controls) and analyzed by RACS using untagged controls (current study)

From: RACS: rapid analysis of ChIP-Seq data for contig based genomes

(a) Ibd1 localization presented in both studies.
  Ibd1 localization % Ibd1 localization %
Expression level using untagged controls without untagged controls
High expression 51 54
Moderate expression 6 16
Low to no-expression 16 14
Non-available expression   
for the TTHERMs in the   
GSM692081 data set 27 16
(b) t-Test: Paired Two Sample for Means
t-Test: Paired Two Sample for Means   
  Ibd1 localization % using untagged controls Ibd1 localization % without untagged controls
Mean 25 25
Variance 374 374.6667
Observations 4 4
Pearson Correlation 0.89581514  
Hypothesized mean difference 0  
df 3  
t Stat 0  
P(Tt) one-tail 0.5  
t Critical one-tail 2.35336343  
P(Tt)two-tail 1  
t Critical two-tail 3.18244631  
  1. There is a correlation of 0.896 and non-statistical differences between the two data sets. The data presented in [16] uses an arbitrary cut-off. The data presented in this paper does not use the arbitrary cut-off and instead uses as cut-off the values obtained by the analyses of the untagged samples