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Table 3 Datasets used for scaffolding and evaluations for SLR and SLR1

From: SLR: a scaffolding algorithm based on long reads and contig classification

Dataset GenomeContig setLong read set Misassemblies NGA50
E. coli_1_SMRT E. coliE. coli_1E. coli_SMRT 412 723,879295,999
E. coli_2_SMRT E. coliE. coli_2E. coli_SMRT 1011 565,864197,175
S. cerevisiae_1_SMRT S. cerevisiaeS. cerevisiae_1S. cerevisiae_SMRT 5257 374,744232,712
S. cerevisiae_2_SMRT S. cerevisiaeS. cerevisiae_2S. cerevisiae_SMRT 7167 270,402201,922
Chr X_1_SMRT Chr XChr X_1Chr X_SMRT 8382 2,390,4832,165,615
E. coli_1_ONT E. coliE. coli_1E. coli_ONT 48 2,927,247674,408
E. coli_2_ONT E. coliE. coli_2E. coli_ONT 914 733,062361,345
S. cerevisiae_1_ONT S. cerevisiaeS. cerevisiae_1S. cerevisiae_ONT 4666 374,835244,417
S. cerevisiae_2_ONT S. cerevisiaeS. cerevisiae_2S. cerevisiae_ONT 6885 270,362201,066
  1. Each dataset includes one contig set and one long-read set, and corresponds to one genome.