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Table 1 Information on the node attributes used in a gengraph genome graph

From: GenGraph: a python module for the simple generation and manipulation of genome graphs

Node attribute Type Description
name String A unique name identifying the node. When a node is split, the resulting nodes inherit the original node’s value appended with a new number. So if node Aln_66 is split into 4 nodes, they are named Aln_66_1, Aln_66 _2, Aln_66_3, Aln_66_4.
sequence String The nucleotide sequence that is represented by this node.
ids String This is a comma separated list of the isolates that are represented by this node.
(isolate)_leftend, (isolate)_rightend Integer For each isolate, the positions of the first and last nucleotides represented by the node is recorded. So for isolate H37Rv, H37Rv_leftend = 13,203.