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Table 3 An increase in file size was observed per genome added to the graph that demonstrated the compression of data that occurs by collapsing regions of shared aligned sequences into single representative nodes

From: GenGraph: a python module for the simple generation and manipulation of genome graphs

Number of genomes 1 2 3 4 5 6 10
File size 4,5Mb 5,9Mb 7,6Mb 8,5Mb 11Mb 13Mb 38Mb
Number of nodes 0 3,690 8,106 9,320 13,264 15,355 43,290
Number of edges 0 4,886 10,868 12,485 17,823 22,296 73,652
  1. The compression is related to the similarity of the sequences, as sequences that only differ by few bases will only require a few additional nodes. (Additional fileĀ 3)