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Table 6 Comparison to existing software

From: A-Lister: a tool for analysis of differentially expressed omics entities across multiple pairwise comparisons

ApplicationFiltersQuerySet OperatorsInput TypeInterface
A-ListeryesyesAND, FAND, OR, DIFFDE data, listsCommand Line and Graphical User Interface
Functional Heatmap [13]yesnoAND (implicit)DE timeseries dataWeb App
Galaxy (Text Manipulation) [14]yesnoAND, OR, DIFFTabular dataWeb App
Intervene [15]nonoANDGenomic regions, binary, counts, listsCommand Line, Web App
VennPainter [16]nonoANDListsGraphical User Interface
InteractiVenn [17]nonoANDListsWeb App
SuperExactTest [18]nonoAND, ORListsR
Gene-Overlap [19]nonoAND, ORListsR