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Table 1 Detail information of the data

From: Identifying Cancer genes by combining two-rounds RWR based on multiple biological data

Number of nodes in PPI network9519
Number of interactions in PPI network37,048
Number of nodes in pathway network10,717
Number of interactions in pathway network302,546
Number of nodes in gene network13,596
Number of interactions in gene network331,127
Number of protein complexes2298
Number of proteins in protein complexes3169
Number of nodes in cancer-cancer similarity network76
Number of interactions in cancer-cancer similarity network155
Number of genes associated with cancer160
Number of gene-cancer associations251
Number of nodes in microRNA functional similarity network940
Number of edges in microRNA functional similarity network8385
Number of microRNA in microRNA-gene interactions736
Number of genes in microRNA-gene interactions2566
Number of microRNA-gene interactions8046
Number of microRNA in microRNA-cancer associations810
Number of cancers in microRNA-cancer associations38
Number of microRNA-cancer associations4297
Number of nodes in lncRNA functional similarity network700
Number of edges in lncRNA functional similarity network5349
Number of lncRNA in lncRNA-gene interactions207
Number of genes in lncRNA-gene interactions114
Number of lncRNA-gene interactions1122
Number of lncRNA in lncRNA-cancer associations347
Number of cancers in lncRNA-cancer associations40
Number of lncRNA-cancer associations839
Number of lncRNA in microRNA-lncRNA interactions31
Number of microRNA in microRNA-lncRNA interactions45
Number of microRNA-lncRNA interactions146