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Table 4 Robinson-Foulds Distances between the Inferred Phylogenetic Trees with the Reference Tree

From: ProbPFP: a multiple sequence alignment algorithm combining hidden Markov model optimized by particle swarm optimization with partition function

TreeFam IDProbPFPMUSCLEMSAProbsClustal ΩT-Coffee
TF101116 (104)0.870.870.970.980.90
TF105063 (133)0.800.830.850.840.84
TF105629 (88)0.620.660.670.680.65
TF105895 (89)0.480.530.530.560.51
TF106377 (26)0.390.480.480.480.43
TF101222 (48)0.710.670.670.780.76
  1. For each family, the number in the parentheses after the ID represents the sequences amount of the family. The smallest distances are highlighted in bold, in each row