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Table 1 controlled vocabulary usage and source overview

From: Annot: a Django-based sample, reagent, and experiment metadata tracking system

Ontology Vocabulary Source Official Url
BAO clonality, genetic modification, growth property, immunology isotype, transient modification bio ontology
DOID disease bio ontology
EFO unit bio ontology
MESH cell type bio ontology
NCBITAXON organism bio ontology
OBI sex bio ontology
SNOMEDCT antibody part, ethnicity bio ontology
UBERON organ, tissue bio ontology
CELLOSAURUS sample cellosaurus
CHEBI compound ebi
ENSG gene ensembl
GENEONTOLOGY gene ontology, biological process, cellular component (protein complex), molecular function gene ontology
UNIPROT protein uniprot
OWN dye, health status, provider, sample entity, verification profile, yield fraction own